Why Supplier Diversity Matters

It’s been a long time coming. Enterprise organizations have finally committed to robust diversity initiatives, boosting the diversity of their internal workforces while also directing spending to external, diversity-owned businesses. In fact, 69% of large firms that use staffing services had a program for diversity suppliers in 2022, while another 25% planned to put one in place within the next two years.

Enter SIA’s list of diversity-owned staffing firms, created to help the workforce solutions ecosystem find new resources and support. The list comprises 250 firms that self-reported their status. We also feature articles from SIA as well as professionals within the ecosystem that provide fresh ideas and perspectives on diversity, equity and inclusion.
Diversity-owned staffing firms bring major advantages to the workforce solutions ecosystem. For one, they give “clients or customers a different network. You’re likely to be able to work with individuals you haven’t worked with before,” says DeLibra Wesley, CEO...

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