Diversity in the workforce is a goal of many buying organizations, but it doesn’t stop there. Socially conscious companies also want to direct spending to diversity-owned businesses. According to research from SIA, 71% of large firms that use staffing services had a program for diversity suppliers in place in 2021, while another 26% planned to put one in place within the next two years.

The uptake? Becoming certified as a diverse-owned staffing firm can open doors for you. Here, we present SIA’s list of diversity-owned staffing firms — comprising 206 firms based on self-reported status — a great resource for the workforce solutions ecosystem. We also feature articles from SIA as well as professionals within the ecosystem that provide fresh ideas and perspectives on diversity, equity and inclusion.
It seems counterintuitive, but sentiment aside, it is up to the workforce solutions ecosystem to change the narrative while keeping the spotlight on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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